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Today’s blog and the coming week’s blogs will be all about send off ideas for your wedding day! So to Start off the Series with a spark, lets take a look at sparklers!

Sparklers are a great and common wedding send off. No matter how much they’ve been done, they still have such a fun feel to start off the rest of your lives together! You can present them in so many unique ways, like the find your perfect match photo below or as favors. We’ve seen cool sparkler wedding designs- such as the word love spelled out in sparkler or like the photo below- sparklers have been used to create a beautiful glow around the couple.

Before you decide to have sparklers as your send off though be sure of a few things-

1- Make sure the venue allows the use of sparklers. Some venues have dry landscaping and may not allow the use of them due to fire hazard. Some Venues may also be historical and not allow sparklers.

2- Be sure to have someone to light the sparklers before you come out. Have lighters or matches on hand.

3-  Also be sure to have at least two pails or vases of water for guests to “put out” the sparkler in. The last thing you need is a garbage can lighting on fire, dry grass catching on fire from some one carelessly leaving a still smoking sparkler around or guests wondering where to put the sparklers once done. Avoid the smoking and heat’s potential for hazard and have water on hand.

4- Lastly, Also consider the fabric of your dress. Small piece of ash may fall on it as you run through the sparklers- Those hot pieces of ash may burn small holes, cause bubbling or make singe marks on your dress.

I hope you are inspired, stay tuned for next week’s Send Off Idea and have a happy Thursday!


Photo Credits: Encircled by SparklersSparklers KissLine of SparklersWalking Away SparklersPerfect Match, Long Sparkler Walk


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I am a hopeless romantic. To me, it is romantic and rewarding, to bring a couples dream wedding to life on the day they vow their love to each other and the world. I love the rush of new ideas coming to life, making dreams come true and making your wedding Taylor-Made to you.

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